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Top 5 Tips for Moving Day

Top 5 Tips for Moving Day

Moving is stressful, there’s no way around it. Whether it’s just around the corner or to the other side of the country, a move involves a multitude of decisions that use up way too much mental, emotional and physical energy.

Here are 5 tips to help you reduce stress on moving day.

#1. Map Your Move

Draw out a rough floor plan of your new home. Determine where you want specific furniture and boxes. Mark them with numbers. Then put tags on each box and piece of furniture, using the numbers you wrote on your floor plan.

All the movers will need to do is refer to your floor plan and the corresponding numbers when it is time to unload the van.

#2. Set Up a Document Box

It is all too common for important documents to go missing on moving day. And considering the number of boxes involved, it could take months to locate what you need once you arrive in your new home.

To avoid this pitfall, set up a document box. Put personal identification like passports and birth certificates in it. Add all the essential financial documents like deeds, insurance information and wills. Mark it so it is easy to spot and keep it close to you throughout the move.

#3. Make Sure You Are Present During Packing

It is essential that you or a designated family member or friend are present when the packing and loading the moving van happens.

The moving company will give you, or your stand-in, an inventory. Go over it closely to make sure it is accurate and readable. If something is lost or damaged, you need a complete inventory list to make your case.

#4. Ship the Kids and Pets to Neighbors During the Packing

Professional movers don’t need a barking dog to contend with while they try to get your possessions into boxes and onto the truck. It slows them down and can cost you money. The same thing goes for the children, possibly more so.

Even if you are packing yourself, or have friends helping, make it easier on all of you by asking a friendly neighbor to take care of them for the duration. Or hire a babysitter to take them to the playground or a movie.

#5. Pre-Plan Parking for the Moving Van

If the moving van can’t park in front of your new residence, it will end up costing you money and time. If you are moving into a house, it probably won’t be a problem if the driver can park in the front on the street.

But what if you live in an apartment building? You will probably need to get permission ahead of time for the moving van to park while unloading. Also ask about reserving an elevator.

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