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Is space an issue for your move? MidAmerican Moving and Storage has the room you need.

During the transition from one home to another, or the old business premises to the new one, a little extra storage can solve nagging worries. Our storage safely keeps your goods out of the way, but ready for you when you have the room.

What Do People Store?

For families, storage space is a handy way to deal with too many boxes for the new home. Or what if you haven’t bought your new home yet? Many people choose to rent while they scope out their new surroundings. Meanwhile, they need to do something with all the kids’ items, household furnishings and furniture.

If you are dealing with a military deployment or a new work assignment that will take you out of the area for many months, putting your goods in storage is a sensible way to keep them safe.

For businesses, storage is the answer to logistical problems. It’s a handy way to deal with the extra furniture, files, office equipment and other objects that any business tends to accumulate. If your new premises aren’t ready, if they are smaller than the old one, if you are still figuring out how to organize it, storage can give you room to breathe.

Safe, But Out of the Way

All of your goods will stay safe and secure. They are stored in climate-controlled buildings that are fully protected. No need to worry about the weather, temperature or thieves.

You can choose to store you goods for just a few days or weeks, or use our space for long-term storage needs.

Your goods are wrapped and protected, then loaded into storage areas by trained staff. The units are monitored 24 hours a day, so your possessions stay safe.

For a free, no-obligation quote for storage, call the experts at MidAmerican Moving and Storage today.

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